Tagu-taguan: A Game Among Ninongs, Ninangs, and Inaanaks


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Paano ko nga ba naging inaanak ang batang ito? This is one of the most common questions that we ask ourselves come Christmas season. How did we end up this way?

Well, godparents are supposed to be a mentor and take the symbolic place of the child’s parent if the child’s parent, passes away. This is the original duty of godparents. And yet, your godchildren only approach you when she got the first place from any contests that she joined, when it is their birthday, and lastly, when it’s Christmas.

But let’s face it. It’s hard to give something when you only have enough and that’s why we got you. Here are some ways you can do to escape your inaanak this year. Happy gaming!

  1. Have them sign the Inaanak Aguinaldo Form.


This form should be submitted to you at least a month before Christmas. This is the least drastic form of escape that you could do. With this, you would get a chance to deny a request and not give to those who didn’t even try to submit a form. Smart, right?

  1. Disconnect or deactivate your social media accounts.


Leave no trace. It may be really hard for you to not check out your or somebody else’s social media accounts, but this season, you must. Just don’t use it. Kids nowadays have enough computer knowledge to know how to check about your whereabouts in your accounts. Be careful.

  1. Put on a disguise.


If Halloween for kids is in October, for adults, it’s in December. And that’s your exact excuse if someone asks you why you are in costume while walking outside. The better the costume, the easier it is to walk freely without your inaanaks recognizing you. Just hope that their parents don’t recognize you too, otherwise, say bye bye to your cash.

  1. Visit far-flung places.


It’s the perfect time to travel! If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get more than your 13th month pay (e.g. Christmas bonus, nth month pay, etc.) and what better way to spend it than travelling! Relax and get away from your inaanak by visiting some remote areas across the world. Visit Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica and accompany the crazy rich scientists there or the top of Mount Everest. No one would find you there.

  1. File for an OT at work.


Work is the ultimate excuse because it is something that other people cannot do anything about. Can they ask your boss to let you take a break or not work overtime? They can’t. However, be careful not to tell anyone that you begged your boss to let you work during the holidays because as the Filipino saying goes, “may tenga ang lupa, may pakpak ang balita.”

Happy hiding!



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