#Tatak Pinoy: 10 “Very Pinoy” Things You’ll Find Inside Your Home


Uniquely Pinoy! There are things that only we, Filipinos, know use and do that some other culture find weird. However, these are just part of who we are.

Here are 10 “very Pinoy” things which can only be found in a Pinoy home, how many can you spot in yours?

1. Tabo

Photo credit: ABS-CBN Lifestyle

There is not one house in the Philippines without a tabo. It’s used for taking a bath, washing hands, and a whole lot more. Western countries may they have their bidet, but it’s no match for our multipurpose trusty tabo.

2. Recycled Ice Cream Container

Photo credit: spot.ph

We all have those days when you are craving for an ice cream, and you decide to raid your fridge. And as if all the gods granted your wish, you see a glorious tub of the creamy dessert just waiting for you. You quickly grab a spoon and open the container, only to find tocino (marinated pork) or macaroni salad staring back at you. Yes, in a Pinoy home, not everything is what it seems.

3. Electric Zapper

Photo credit: Groupon

When you live in a tropical, humid country, there’s one common villain we face every day: annoying mosquitoes, and all sorts of other unknown insects. That’s why every household owns this handy tool that electrocutes and zaps these buzzing pests, minus the icky mess. The only downside is the smell of burnt bugs after.

4. Kulambo

Photo credit: loveloveblog

He may be the country’s top official, but President Duterte wasn’t about to give up the folksy comfort of sleeping under his favorite “kulambo” (mosquito net). Like President Duterte, most Filipino homes have this household staple to protect them from the feasting mosquitoes at night.

5. Tsinelas

Basically, tsinelas or slippers are common in any household but for Pinoys, our trusty tsinelas actually has a higher purpose: to kill those damn flying ipis (cockroach). Flying roaches are another type of villain native and common in the Philippines. And because of that, Pinoys need to be resourceful in battling these freaks of nature.

6. Plastic Bag Collection

Photo credit: RDC Group International Corp.

There’s one dedicated shelf, drawer, bag or even closet which holds a Pinoy’s most prized possession – our Plastic Bag Collection. Even before the westerners though about recycling plastic items, we, Pinoys have been doing that ever since. We have been re-using these plastic bags as trash bags, to wrap things we want to keep, but most importantly we use plastic bags for our take home during fiestas and birthdays.

7. Giant Wooden Spoon and Fork

Photo credit: Yasaman Ramezani

Frankly, its appeal and purpose remains to be a mystery apart from the fact that they are actually wall décors. Known as a common must-have souvenir from our family out-of-town trips, but why it became a Filipino favorite is a giant question mark. Whether it’s meant to feed a kapre (a mythical Filipino giant creature) or a symbol for guests to know where the dining area is, it simply gives the Filipino vibes at home.

8. Framed Accomplishments

Photo credit: Video Dailymotion

Medals, certificates, trophies—you name it. Usually they’re strategically placed at a wall where many people can see them. In provinces, you can even see plaques bearing their children’s names and degrees earned positioned outside their homes. This is the ultimate showcase and reflection of the Pinoy pride.

9. Stock of Used Candles

Photo credit: Faq.ph

Again, Pinoys initiated recycling. Back in the days when it was a daily occurrence to have nationwide black outs (or what we call, brown out), we always have a stock of candles to light up most nights. However, that routine just didn’t wear off from many of us. Today, we still have that collection of new and used candles even though it’s not Halloween or Holy Week, we just always have to be prepared, in case another brown out happens.

10. Magic Sing Microphone

Photo credit: Rochelle Rivera

When we say, Filipinos love to sing, it may be an understatement. This is a country filled with music lovers that sing not just at parties but on a daily basis. And when we sing, we really perform and that’s why we need to have our own Magic-Sing (an easy-to-plug microphone with programmed karaoke song plugged to television) at home. So whether it’s someone’s birthday party, or just another mundane afternoon, Pinoys can turn it in to a concert, anytime and even anywhere (just add TV).


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